Most dangerous viruses under the spotlight

Nanotechnologies changed our life and its duration once and for all. Using them, we have possibility to prevent, cure and accelerate rehabilitation of by far many illnesses. Until recent years, for example, children were prone to certain infectious diseases, for which there was no effective cure. Vaccines have almost eradicated some of these conditions. Another bright example is regarding surgical intervention. If you needed a major operation, you would be confined to bed for weeks. Nowadays many operations use less invasive procedures, requiring day surgery only. In addition, the survival rate for many cancers has improved considerably over the recent decades, due to development of chemotherapy to treat the condition.

The problem is that there is no need to suffer from sickness if you could get ahead of it. Prevention tools like nanoscopes definitely could help you to do it. Manchester University’s scientists discover the most powerful nanoscope few years ago. It was called microsphere nanoscope due to the fact that it manages to produce an image using tiny optically transparent quartz glasses. Then, optical microscope from microlens could easily improve an image and define the smallest part of it. Could you imagine that for your eyes the objects in size of nearly fifty nanometers is visible? In contrast to last decades where microscopes could only display some small objects, nanoscopes have done unbelievable breakthroughs. The opportunity to take a look inside the cell and observe outer boundaries of the objects is nowhere near. In fact, the nanoscope with such resolution permits to study the actions of live viruses that guarantee to improve understanding of their nature and let researches come up with brilliant ideas and develop different methods to deal with them effectively.

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Living cell is not the limit for upscale equipment such as nanoscope of LIG Tech that makes it possible to watch objects that are even smaller than living objects without destroying them in process. This perspective promises completely up-to-date discoveries in the various fields of science. That’s why nanotechnologies should not be underestimates, but even vice versa, actively used in all spheres of social life. Today cancer is the most horrible and hardly curable disease. However, nanoscience could not only detect, but also treat it at the molecular level. Imagine that with the help of hand-held tools you could pass check-up not leaving your home. It is pretty reasonable because for many patients trip to hospital seems to be stressful and exhausting and there is likelihood that visiting hospital, in most cases, deteriorates the state of patient health.

All in all, the progress in medical sphere is considerably slow. However, over the last years, the scientists have made some worthy breakthroughs that help in faster detecting, well-timed prevention and improvement of life in general. In few years, we are all hope that medical improvements will change the cause of history dramatically and all of us must forget about maladies in perpetuity.

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