Know how BIM has made the construction industry well-groomed

The light table is the overlay drawing builders, engineers, and architects in the construction industry considered until a decade before. But, the scenario is getting changed due to the evolution of the BIM. BIM stands for building information modeling.

BIM has made the process simple, and the complete project can be executed, managed, and designed from a single location and just on one file.

Insight About The Traditional Design Process

  • The conventional design process is a linear workflow. This means a sequence of the task in which a single business will tend to pass their part of the project linearly. This stream will be done with a simple synchronization among each other.
  • Both the designer and the client will produce the idea. Then they hand it over to the engineers, designers, and the other entire business stakeholder. These stakeholders will implement the plan.
  • This will lead to an understanding of systems that are designed in segregation with no association or connection with each other.
  • The chief defect in the traditional design process is the absence of the primary communication between the planners and the executors. Therefore, the outcome will have many results and creates confusion in the total design process.
  • But, this was resolved by adopting a collective design approach. The entire management and communication begin from the initial stage of the design process. However, this demands team as the whole to come under one roof, and it involved cost and time.

BIM Workflow

  • BIM consulting approach is a unique way that resolves the issues and saves both the time and cost by creating and managing the digital 3D information models for all the construction projects.
  • The complete 3D file will incorporate the entire component that makes up a building.
  • This is very close to a cloud-stored document file. The text document file will allow all the stakeholders to access the data and make necessary changes based on their area of expertise.
  • Unlike the cloud system, in BIM the files contain 3D details, and every stakeholder will edit the drawing with their relevant information.
  • This will allow all to communicate but not required to meet in one place. At their convenient time, each person can make the changes.

Benefits of BIM Model

  • BIM Model embeds the data like a database does in the cloud storage.
  • The date can be created as and when the design is done. The dimension of the wall will be defined by the designer. Cost can be at once calculated by the engineer to plan the expenses based on the aspect.
  • This will let the work to happen concurrently. Even if any changes occur, appropriately it can be updated by the other person involved in the project.
  • It allows people to communicate efficiently at every stage of the design and construction. BIM is affordable as it does not demand the physical presence of people. Anyone can access the file from their respective location.
  • The designing process speeds up, and handling multiple projects at the same time becomes possible.


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