Here’s What You Need to Know About Design IP Rights

It is tough being a designer as you always need to juggle different tasks and need to stay on the top of the business. To add to the confusion, there is a large variation surrounding Intellectual property rights or IP rights. While some IP rights are discussed often, others are generally left out. Out of all the IP rights, design rights are the most misunderstood and least discussed rights.

However, it is imperative for graphic designers to have a good understanding of Design Rights as it will help them protect their designs. Once a designer has designed something and made it public, there are high chances that it will be copied by some miscreants. Nothing can be more infuriating than seeing someone else taking credit for your work.

But wait, do you know what design rights actually are??

Design rights are form of law protection that protects the particular product’s appearance. For instance, if you have applied for IP rights for the design of a ring, it cannot be copied by any other company nor can it be reproduced by any method.

According to Solicitors.Guru website, it is essential to have knowledge about design rights – as they are devised to protect your interests.

Quality Work Needs Protection

Getting your facts right about the IP law and how they help protect your best interest is something that should be done by every designer. All the work done by graphic designers falls under the intellectual property and protecting it is the wisest thing to do.

Remember just because you develop designs and non-tangible products do not mean that it deserves less respect or protection. It is as valuable as other business assets. You must be prepared to go beyond horizons to protect your work and never infringe other people’s work.

IP Laws Cover Special Situations Too

If you are working for a company, it is the employer who holds the copyright to the creative work rather than the employee. This is a special situation where the original creator doesn’t hold the actual rights for the work created by him.

Similarly, if the creation is owned by more than one person, anyone who wishes to reproduce the design needs an approval from all the creators. It is always in the best interest of the designer to keep a track of all his work, even if it does not make the final cut.

Do Your Homework Well

Step forward in the right direction and make sure you have done your homework well. Nowadays images and information are omnipresent. Therefore with so much information at your finger tip, make sure you do not breach someone’s IP rights. Sometimes it is possible to infringe a trademark without copying it. So to avoid unnecessary legal trouble, let your creativity flow free and design some new and interesting designs.

If you find someone breaching your rights, you can choose to get in touch with a solicitor and go in for the no win no fee arrangement (read additional information on the no win no fee detailed issue). This will help you save your money in case the verdict is not in your favor.

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