The Causes Of Denture Cracks & Fractures

Any type of denture, removable or permanent prosthesis is subjected to constant physical and extreme thermal loads: therefore, cracks, scratches and fractures are not rare. Repairing of dental prostheses is quite a demanded business – a skilled specialist will hardly be lacking requests. If you are looking for a proven and reliable denture repair Manchester agency, Qdentix may be the right place.

Even when installing the denture a question of repairing may arise. This procedure can be both a walk in the park mission, performed in the presence of the patient, as well as a time consuming piece of work (up to several days or weeks); in either event, the problems are resolved in nine cases out of ten.

When dental prostheses repair is required

Even though a denture is designed for a particular person to fit perfectly, it can still break down and get subjected to abrasions, cuts, and etc. Repair of dental prostheses is a procedure that is typically a task that is needed to be implemented urgently, while the reasons are as follows:

  • physical damage
  • peeling or disconnection of some parts
  • discomfort when wearing appeared with time
  • significant changes in denture color

Denture repairing is better to be requested from the agency produced them, but getting in touch with professional repairers is also a wise decision. As a rule, the expert assesses the damage within minutes, makes a diagnosis and announces the price (if the repairing is possible). From a financial point of reference, repairing even a badly damage denture is cheaper than purchasing a very basic new prosthesis; the cost of repairing depends on the complexity of the work and the type of failure.

The causes of prosthesis failure

Dentures are more likely to break in case of careless handling; another widespread reason for a failure is a wrong distribution of load. If during the manufacture some element is crafted with a defect, the prosthesis may wear out very quickly. On average, a nicely-crafted denture can be used for 5 to 10 years, but the installation may significantly cut this period. Dentures repair sometimes just because they served their time. They simply return to the state in which they can be operated again. Sometimes the repair of dental prostheses is necessary because in the manufacture were admitted some shortcomings. Often prosthesis made ​​of several layers of material, and it is impossible to see that there are some inaccuracies, but during use they appear.

The prosthesis can be loosely attached to the surface (tooth or gums), which is also a common cause of a failure. This can be eliminated by fixing creams and gels, though it is better to consult a doctor. Improper care can also cause breakage. To prolong the lifespan the dentures are needed to be washed after wearing and stored under recommended conditions. You will need a special brush and paste for cleaning and rinsing the prosthesis (using conventional materials decreases the lifetime as well).